Monday, November 21, 2011

Making Videos on iPad Using iMovie

Apart from the fabulous GarageBand app for iPad, there is also the equally amazing iMovie app that is available for both iPad and iPhone, and we have decided to conduct some classes on this as well.

With both iPad and iPhone able to shoot HD video clips, having the need to edit the footage on a mobile platform means creating finished video is faster than ever.

iMovie comes with a lot of built-in features that are on the Mac version, albeit it is not as full featured as the Mac one.

But you can still pretty much a lot of things here, including transitions, captions, adding music and soundtracks etc.

iMovie also comes with several built in themes that will do some jazzy graphics for you, though they are quite rigid in nature. Nevertheless, the ability to have it on a mobile is still very impressive.

Once you have done a video, you can also export in various resolutions and even email it or even upload to YouTube directly.

I have been shooting most of my food and music videos using this manner and so far, it has been very effective.

Below is a short video on learning how to make videos on iPad and it was shot, of course, and edited on iPad.

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