Sunday, September 11, 2011

The 2nd Radio Interview - With Executive Chef, Sheldon Tan From the Pan Pacific Hotel

Right after my 1st radio interview on Capital 95.8FM, DJ Teck Chon graciously invited me to go on air again, this time with executive chef, Sheldon Tan.

And the reason for appearing together with Sheldon was related to mooncakes. You see, my whole inspiration for creating The Mooncake Melodies came from Sheldon himself.

Back in July, I was very privileged to be invited by chef Sheldon and his amiable pastry chef, Winnie to sample some of their mooncake creations for 2011.

One of the mooncake flavors, Apricot Brandy, impressed me so much that I wrote one track entitled Apricot Brandy, and dedicated it to Sheldon and his wife.

But, beyond that, I used that as the platform to complete the entire album which you have read about earlier. And it was such that we both appeared on radio to talk about our "collaboration".

Normally, you would think of collaborations as between different musicians, but not between different craftsmen. But, the thought of pairing music with mooncakes, as you would chinese tea, seemed so natural that we just had to share it with the greater public.

Again, Teck Chon and his sidekicks did a great job settling us in for the talk show and Sheldon had the opportunity to talk about himself and his creations.

I had a minor part this time round, but was glad to share the stage with Sheldon, and who knows, we may yet come up with more music and food pairings in the coming months.

I leave you with the interview itself.

Ian Low and Sheldon Tan Interview by ianlow32


  1. Congrats on the feature, Ian! Thks for inviting me to your new blog. Pretty cool stuff :)

  2. Thanks blackswan, for all your support as always :)