Friday, September 16, 2011

The Online Interview - iMerlion, Singapore's Best iOS Resource

My Silverfish coverage continued with a special online interview that I did with Singapore's best online site for iOS news and features,

This news site covers basically everything on iOS, iPhone, iPad and Apple stories, and thus, it was a great privilege to have my own story there.

It is run by Jimmy Yap, who is an excellent writer and editor and he suggested we do an online interview through an email.

Basically, how that worked was he sent me a list of questions which I answered and thereafter, he would do a couple of follow ups, which was interesting and quite simple.

Nevertheless, he captured the essence of making Silverfish very well and all in all, I was very delighted with his article, which he did write very well.

He also did a great job mentioning about my food blog and how a local Singaporean managed to get his music up on iTunes.

Do visit his site at

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